leroy merlin carrelage mural

leroy merlin carrelage muralleroy merlin carrelage mural – Looking for something unique? Are you renovating a room or an entire property? At Leroy Merlin discover our wide variety of tiles, in any colour, shape and style.

Why use Smart Tiles decorative wall tile for your wall decor?

What can be more of a chore than installing tiles? Along with requiring a deft touch and lots of patience, installing wall decorations can be downright frustrating. Discover how easy it can be to install decorative wall tiles that are dust and dirt-free by using peel and stick Smart Tiles.

With their self-stick protective backing, there is no fuss or mess installing Smart Tiles. Professional and casual decorators and home renovation enthusiasts love Smart Tiles for their versatility, practicality and wide selection of colours and patterns. To do your decorating in the blink of an eye, think Smart Tiles!
leroy merlin carrelage muralWhat types of looks can you get with peel and stick tiles?

The possibilities are endless. With its unique wall decorations, peel and stick Smart Tiles allows you to brighten any décor. For the mosaic look that’s all the rage, install them under your kitchen or bathroom cupboards. With our wide range of models, you can complement the style of any room. In fact, Smart Tiles are ideal for kitchen backsplash and as decorative bathroom tiles.

The CHROMATIC collection consists of square or rectangular decorative wall tiles. Available in 9 dazzling colours, these tiles can be mixed and matched with other collections for a personalized wall decor. Want to play around with a variety of styles? The MOTIF collection provides a range of selections in eclectic designs from throughout in the world. Combine chromatic and motif decorative wall tiles for a truly unique wall decor!

leroy merlin carrelage muralIf you’re undertaking a bigger project and want to cover a wider surface, you’ll be thrilled with MOSAIK. Available in solid and multiple colours or in a stainless-steel style, these decorative wall tiles will add a fascinating touch to all of your projects! Want to add some pizzazz to your bathroom or kitchen? The PANORAMIK wall decoration series is perfect for you! Great for creating borders, the series comes in a variety of 7 different colours. Looking to create a decor that is fun and out of the ordinary, one that harkens back to the ‘60s? Use our FORMZ series, available in an array of colours, to accentuate your walls. leroy merlin carrelage mural ….

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